Interview with South African Mom Blogger - Simone Verhoog

Emma Kate started this blog series to showcase what great mothers we have out there and to show support between fellow mothers. The series showcases how these ladies became mom bloggers and what inspired them to start this journey in their lives. The interviews may even inspire another fellow mom to start their own blog.

Today I would like to introduce Mom Blogger - Simone Verhoog who started Mama To The Power Of 4

Simone Verhoog

How long ago did you start your blog?

I was blogging off and on for other pages for about 6 years, but started my own blog in 2018

Why did you decide to start a mom blog?

It happened by chance, as a friend of mine asked me to write a “budgets for large family” series and the feedback was incredible. So many people encouraged me to start my own, that I eventually decided to just take the leap and buy my own domain.

What was it like in the beginning?

I was very uncertain about my voice, and whether people would actually want to read what I wrote. But I gave it all to God, and said, “If this is what I should be doing, give me what I should write.” And I truly believe He has.

How did you come up with the name for your blog?

A friend of mine (@raising.k.squared) has this coffee mug that says mom2 that I love. And I’ve always wanted one that says that I love. And I’ve always wanted one that says Mama4 – because of my four children. Mama To The Power of 4 was a natural choice.

What is unique about your blog?

We are a large family. I do blog about parenting issues, and still about budgeting as a large family, but my passion is marriages and families. So I tend to focus a lot on the health of the family and marriage unit in the midst of raising a (large) family. It’s not just good enough to survive, but I believe families should THRIVE. No matter what the size.

Simone Verhoog and Family

How do you market your blog and what has been the most successful way of marketing?

I found the best way to market my blog is to collaborate with other bloggers. These ladies have become my friends and some of my biggest supporters. We share and engage on each others’ posts and blogs. That helps a lot.

How many hours a day do you spend on your blog?

It really depends. I do not blog every day, although I try and connect with my followers daily on social media. I guess if you had to ask my family how many hours I spend on Mama4, they would say “too many!”

Can you describe/ outline your typical Day?

- Wake up, get kids ready for school, make breakfast, go back and wake Nika up for a 3rd or 4th time, read Bible together as family and send them off to school

- Get myself ready and go to gym

- Housework/Blog/Errands

- Collect #1 &2 from school, eat lunch, and start homework

- Collect #3 & 4 from playschool, complete homework

- Outside play time for kids, while I prep dinner.

- Kids bath time, we wait for Dad to come home, dinner time, and then we relax together as a family until bedtime

- Alone Time with one of the four children

- Pack lunchboxes for the following day (I have 5 to pack!) and enjoy hubby alone

- Sleep like a ROCK.

Has being a mom blogger affected your family life at all?

It has – some good and some not so positive. I love how it has opened up my family and allowed my more reserved family members to completely open up and blossom. Through blogging, I have made the best friendships and found an online tribe. And through this, so has my kids, and even my husband made friends with the other #instahusbands. It has truly opened our lives up in a whole new refreshing way.

Do you have any advice for a fellow mom wanting to start their own blog?

Don’t overthink it. Don’t try and connect with brands immediately. Don’t try and be like another blogger. Just start. Write whatever is in your heart. I promise you someone out there wants to read it. As long as you are true to yourself. People have a HUNGER for authenticity and seeing people be absolutely genuine about who they are. So be true. Be you.

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Simone Verhoog and Family

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