Interview with South African Mom Blogger - Kayla Van Wyk

Emma Kate started this blog series to showcase what great mothers we have out there and to show support between fellow mothers. The series showcases how these ladies became mom bloggers and what inspired them to start this journey in their lives. The interviews may even inspire another fellow mom to start their own blog.

Today I would like to introduce Mom Blogger - Kayla Van Wyk who started Everyday Life with Kayla

Kayla Van Wyk and Family

How long ago did you start your blog?

I started my blog about 5 months ago but I've been documenting my journey on Instagram since my daughter was born.

Why did you decide to start a mom blog?

I was inspired by other blogger moms to start my blog. I loved documenting my journey as a mom. I was also so inspired by the support I received from other mom's and that gave me the courage to start my own blog.

What was it like in the beginning?

It was quite challenging because I've never been one to put my words on paper. I struggled to express my journey in the beginning and to find my voice as a mom and as a blogger. I'm still finding my feet as we speak. Success definitely doesn't happen overnight. I'm still a bit rusty and I have a lot to learn on this journey.

How did you come up with the name for your blog?

I couldn't come up with a name, to be honest. I asked my best friend because she is good at these things and she actually came up with the name for me.

What is unique about your blog?

As a mom, your journey will always be bumpy. I allow my readers to feel every aspect of what I am writing about. The saying that goes, I leave my heart on my sleeve is exactly what I do in every blog article that I write.

Kayla Van Wyk and Family

How do you market your blog and what has been the most successful way of marketing?

I am also a social media influencer, so I normally promote my blog on Instagram and Facebook. I find that Instagram brings a constant flow of traffic on my blog so I prefer to use that platform about the others. I also share my links on WhatsApp with family and friends.

How many hours a day do you spend on your blog?

Not as much as I hope to. I am a wife and a stay at home mom so I try my best to juggle all that and still try to make time for my social media platforms. I am actually embarrassed at how little time I do spend on my blog. I need to work on that in the future.

Can you describe/ outline your typical Day?

Wake up breastfeed my daughter 9am

Play time 9:30am

Breakfast at 10am

Free play while I watch my daughter 10:30am

Little screen time for bubs 11:30am

Story time and breastfeed my daughter 12:00

Sleep time for bubs so work time for me 12:30/13:00

Bubs wake up 14:30/15:00

Lunch 15:20

Playtime 16:00 while mommy starts supper

Daddy comes home from work, so family time 17:00

Supper 18:30

Clean kitchen and tidy up 19:30

Bath time 20:00

After bath playtime 20:30

Breastfeed bubs and sleep time 21:30

Has being a mom blogger affected your family life at all?

I am able to express my feelings without sometimes lashing out at people like most people do. It helps to express your experiences and hear what other moms are dealing with. The community of moms really helps you to deal with certain struggles as a mom. So this journey has actually made me a better mom because of all the advice and love that they give.

Do you have any advice for a fellow mom wanting to start their own blog?

If you feel that it's for you, then go ahead and do it. The world is your oyster mom. There is a whole world of mom blogger ready to support and give you guidance.

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Kayla Van Wyk

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