Everyone gets angry at times

Okay so I am sure a lot of mum’s can relate to this!

“Jaxon put your toys away, Jaxon put your toys away and then you think 3rd time lucky... Jaxon put your toys away” and still your toddler ignores you or responds with a nice big fat NO!

This is my life and eventually I ask so many times, I end up losing my temper and sometimes I scare myself lol. Above is just an example of something I may lose my temper to, as we all know there are more incidents with toddlers where you have to hold yourself back from that boiling point of... Oh my word, I am going to tear my hair out situation.

I know it is not good to shout at your little one as I know it may do more damage than just giving them a smack for something they have done wrong. No bashing as we all know everyone parents their children differently.

I try not to give smacks as to be honest they don’t work on Jax anyway haha. I however lose my temper... guilty!

How I act afterwards is what I personally believe is the best way to sort it out...

Firsty I give myself time to calm down, I try do this quickly as your little one moves on from something so quickly so talking about it two hours later may not work as they have forgotten about it already.

Secondly I approach him and explain to him why I was cross... remember these little ones are still learning and it is our job as their parents to teach them. So telling him why I got cross helps them understand that what they did was not good and it may stop them from doing it again. I have found this to work with Jax. One thing I make sure he is looking at me and concentrating on what I am saying because if he is busy playing at the same time, what I say does not go in.

Then lastly I “make up” by apologising... yes thats right. I apologise, not because I am lowering myself but because I am trying to teach him that it is okay to get cross sometimes however you must always make up and say “sorry”. I apologise for losing my temper and shouting and he apologises back, this he does on his own which I am so proud of as it shows that what I am trying to teach him is working. We then hug it out. Hugs are the best!

This is how I deal with a “losing my temper” situation. You may try this or not. Remember everyone parents differently and this is how I do it and have found it to be successful... so far lol.

If you do try this please let me know how it works for you and if you have any tips to share with me please do!

Have a good one and HAPPY PARENTING!

Jaxon (3 years)

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